2022 Annual Health Check-Up

S. Chareon Bhaesaj Trading Head office provide Annual Health Check-Up for all the staffs as well as doctor consultation by Intermed Hospital on December 29th, 2022. This will help the staff find any illness that needs to be taken care of, avoid risk factors that contribute to the disease and keep maintaining good routines. We…

CUSTODIOL HTK Solution Preserve and Protect Organs for Transplantation

A representative from S. Charoen Bhaesaj Trading gave a lecture on the topic of “CUSTODIOL HTK Solution Preserve and Protect Organs for Transplantation” (Heart, Kidney, Liver/Pancreas, Vein/Artery and Multiorgan Protection) In the training course on specialized nursing in The Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation, Batch 3 at Udon Thani Hospital, Udon Thani Province