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Sefpime Injection 1 gm.

Treatment of infections caused by susceptible bacteria, for adults and children aged 2 months up to 16 years.
– Lower respiratory tract infections
– Urinary tract infections
– Skin and skin structure infections
– Intra-abdominal infections
– Empiric treatment in febrile neutropenia
– Gynecologic and obstetric infections
– Septicemia
– Bacterial meningitis in children

Trixophin 1gx10vials

Clinically used for the infections due to susceptible pathogens:
– Respiratory tract infections :pneumonia,bronchitis,pulmonary suppuration, pyothorax
– Otorhinolaryngologic infections
– Renal and urinary tract infections: pyelonephritis, prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis.
– Urogenital infections, especially for gonorrhea and soft chancre.
– Abdominal infections: peritonitis, biliary and gastrointestinal infections
– Meningitis
– Joints, soft tissue, skin and wound infections
– Burn infection
– Septicemia
– Pre-surgical prophylaxis